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To inspire, support and empower Christian emerging artists, creatives and leaders involved Arts and Entertainment by providing Christ-centered ministry, healthy community, skill-enhancing education, and equipping resources.





We believe God desires for all people to come into complete wholeness in their lives through a deeper love relationship with Himself. Through an artist’s life and creative expression, He wants to release His Glory, impact lives and ultimately transform culture. We hope to encourage artists to continually connect with and engage the Holy Spirit in order to receive God’s inspiration and direction leading to anointed creative expressions. We will gather together regularly and pursue the presence of God through Spirit-led worship and prayer, Bible study and fellowship in accordance to the five fold ministries: apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching (Ephesians 4:11-13).

To help Christian emerging artists, creatives and leaders involved in Arts and Entertainment to "arise and shine" in their spiritual journey, craft and calling to impact lives and culture for God’s Glory.



We believe God desires artists to operate within the context of healthy community with other artists and the Body of Christ as a whole in order to help one another along our destiny paths. For each respective discipline or medium, we will gather to share personal art, performance or project in group settings to receive input, constructive critique and encouragement within a safe and loving environment. We also hope to foster opportunity for artists to network and work together towards collaborative projects and creative expressions. 



We believe God desires artists to operate in excellence, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We aim to inspire and equip artists, in their respective discipline or medium, by providing learning opportunities through regular seminars, mentoring relationships and training workshops. Additionally, we plan to provide practical information on the business aspects related to the development and management of projects, execution, distribution and promotion in the marketplace. 



We believe God desires to supply His childrens’ needs as a good Father. We can provide fiscal sponsorship to artists whereby they can solicit and receive funding for their project(s) which will be considered tax-deductible under our exempt status. We also aim to raise funding to provide a state-of-the-art facility with functional spaces, resources, equipment and tools available to members. The ideal building would include various studio spaces (film production, music recording, dance and art), a performance soundstage / digital theater with ample seating, an art gallery and more. We also hope to provide scholarship funding for qualifying collaborative projects and creative expressions.