Arise & Shine Arts & Entertainment (ASAE) Ministries is a nonprofit Christian ministry based on Isaiah 60 scripture aimed at helping Christian emerging artists, creatives and leaders involved in Arts and Entertainment to "arise and shine" in their spiritual journey, craft and calling to impact lives and culture for God’s Glory. We are a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit organization with a tax-exempt status. 


Our vision is to inspire, support and empower by providing Christ-centered ministry, healthy community, skill-enhancing education, and equipping resources. Based in the Lehigh Valley PA region, the organization serves the Arts and Entertainment christian community for the region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, and currently partners with the Apostolic networks of Global Awakening (Mechanicsburg, PA), Harvest International Ministries (Pasadena, CA), Revival Cry Ministries (Belgrade, MT), and Hollywood Prayer Network (Hollywood, CA).

In addition to providing spiritual ministry, mentorship and learning opportunities, we can provide fiscal sponsorship to artists whereby they can solicit and receive funding for their project(s) which will be considered tax-deductible under our exempt status.  Additionally, our goal is to raise funding for a state-of-the-art building that would include functional studio spaces for all creative disciplines, a performance soundstage with digital theater and seating, galleries to showcase artwork and expressions. The ASAE Creative Community Center would allow artists and creatives to come together, collaborate on projects and utilize resources, tools and equipment that otherwise would not be as accessible in their own pursuit. 


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